Tourism industry update

February 2020

It has been a challenging start to the year for many, and the tourism industry has also been undeniably affected.

The impact of Australia’s unprecedented bushfire season is still unfolding, and this has now been followed by the recent outbreak of the novel coronavirus and associated travel bans.

Despite the challenges, it has also been heartening to see how the industry has responded and rallied together during this time. At times like this it is important we stand together as a community to support the event and visitor economy in Victoria, which can play such an important role in disaster recovery. 

MCEC is proud to support the Victorian Government's ‘Business & Sport for Bushfire Recovery’ program and Tourism Australia has also launched the ‘Event Here This Year’ campaign to encourage Australian businesses to keep their events local and support bushfire-affected regions.

MCEC will continue to work with our industry partners including Tourism Australia and Melbourne Convention Bureau, to support the tourism industry both domestically and globally.   

Should you require additional resources or information, visit the Tourism Australia website, Business Events Australia website or the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry website.


Image of scuba mask, snorkel, brown boots, traveller's bag, sunscreen, beach towel,

(Image Credit: Tourism Australia, 2020)