World Congress of Paediatric and Adolescent Gynaecology Melbourne 2019

Secured by Ambassadors, Professor Jill Sewell and Professor Gab Kovacs

WCPAG19 creates the opportunity to meet and share our knowledge and experiences, but most importantly, it is about making a difference for our young patients - ensuring we all have relevant, evidence based knowledge that we can use effectively. It is about learning from our colleagues - what works, how did you make it work, how did you achieve those outcomes? We will be connecting shared knowledge and ideas to our work places.

This will be a Congress to challenge you with new ideas, a Congress aiming to be thought provoking. What can we do about child abuse? What can we do about girls and young women in refugee camps, or girls sold into prostitution? How do you provide health care with minimal resources; can you provide care without costly tests? How should we resolve and manage the ethical issues around genital surgery – labioplasty, FGM/C, or genitoplasty? How is your country managing transgendered youth? What is the teen pregnancy rate in your country; how do you manage access to contraception for young people?

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