Dr Arvind Sinha

Dr Arvind Sinha

Bid wins:
Australia Pacific Vertiflite Conference on Helicopter Technology
19-22 March 2007

South Pacific Region International Helicopter Safety Conference
20-22 March 2007

8th Australian Pacific Vertiflite Conference on Helicopter Technology and 3rd Asian-Australian Rotorcraft Forum (ARF)
18-19 December 2014

Fourth Australasian Conference on Unmanned Systems
15-16 December 2014

Dr Arvind K. Sinha has a service record of 41 years, which includes defence forces/establishments, industry and academic institutions. He has several qualifications (Science, Engineering, Technology and Business), scholarships (academic & industrial), awards (military & non-military), industrial research projects, research papers, technical reports and invited public presentations to credit. He has held wide positions - Specialist Advisor, Senior Researcher, Manager & Director, and Officer Commanding of Military units in Operation. Dr Arvind Kumar Sinha holds two Undergraduate Degrees (Science and Engineering), three Post-graduate Degrees (Electronics Engineering, Aerospace Technology and Business Administration) and a PhD in Aerospace Engineering – Multi-mission aircraft design. Dr Sinha is President of American Helicopter Society International (Australian Chapter) and Head Australia Pacific. He is Chairman of its Conference series on Helicopter Technology. He leads International Helicopter Safety Team activities in Australia. He established the International Helicopter Safety South Pacific Regional Conference Series in Australia. He pioneered the Australasian UAV Conference (affiliated to Bristol UAV Conference Series), and is its Chairman and Australian representative on Bristol International UAV Committee. Dr Sinha has been an invited Chair/Speaker at several Conference/Forum Series – Air Power Asia, UAV Asia, Pacific Maritime Forum, Heli UAV Pacific, European Rotorcraft and International Council of Aerospace.