Dr Jane Goodall to speak at our Anniversary Dinner

March 2017

Save the date - 16 June - for the privilege of hearing one of the foremost naturalists discuss how there is hope for the natural world in troubling times.

We are extremely pleased to announce that Dr Jane Goodall, celebrated scientist, and UN Messenger of Peace, will be the keynote speaker at the Club Melbourne Anniversary Dinner on Friday 16 June .

Dr Jane Goodall came to renown through her innovative research on chimpanzees, particularly regarding the social and family life of primates. In 1960, she broke away from scientific doctrine of the time to integrate herself into a tribe of chimpanzees as a low-ranking member, giving the chimpanzees names instead of referring to them as a number.

Through her ground-breaking work, she was able to transform how we think about primates by documenting the complex personalities and social structures of chimpanzees.

Dr Goodall discovered that there are more similarities between humans and chimpanzees than genes. She observed what she considered to be very human behaviours like hug, kisses and pats on the back, which she believed was evidence of close and affectionate bonds between family members and other individuals of a community.

What was truly amazing was that she was able to successfully challenge two long held beliefs: that only humans could construct and use tools, and that chimpanzees were not vegetarians but rather omnivores.

As well as her innovative work in the Gombe Steam Nation Park, Tanzania, and being a prolific author, penning a grand total of 26 books, Dr Goodall is known as an environmental activist, founding the Jane Goodall Institute, which is dedicated to protecting natural habitats as well as supporting research into wildlife.

It is an honour to have a keynote speaker of such global repute at the Club Melbourne Anniversary Dinner. Club Melbourne Ambassadors are strongly encouraged to make themselves available for 16 June , which will undoubtedly be a night to remember.

In a world where natural habitats are daily threatened by development and global warming, hearing Dr Jane Goodall speak from her years of experience and expertise would not only be informative, but also important as well.

Dr Jane Goodall is touring Australia throughout June 2017, speaking to audiences in Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney. A Night with Jane Goodall has been organised by ‘Edutainment’ specialist Think Inc. in collaboration with the Jane Goodall Institute Australia. Goodall’s talk will focus on her lifelong work with primates as well as a call-to-arms to conserve our natural heritage.