2017 Club Melbourne Fellowship winner

Associate Professor Dominique Cadilhac, Head of Public Health, Stroke Division at the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, took out the coveted Fellowship award for her life-changing research related to stroke.

First awarded in 2016, the Club Melbourne Fellowship recognises excellence in research, innovation, and leadership, designed to support high quality Melburnian research projects and the next generation of potential Club Melbourne Ambassadors.

Katie Tinetti, Senior Manager of Club Melbourne and Business Development at MCEC, said she was honoured to welcome Associate Professor Cadilhac into the prestigious Club Melbourne Ambassador Program as the 2017 Fellow.

“Stroke affects 15 million people worldwide every year, and around one in six people in Australia live with the effects of stroke,” Ms Tinetti said.

“Associate Professor Cadilhac’s research has the capacity to touch the lives of so many people and we’re incredibly proud to help facilitate her work through the Club Melbourne Fellowship,” she added.

As well as access to the prestigious Club Melbourne network, Associate Professor Cadilhac receives funding of $10,000 to support attendance at international conferences to enable new research for her projects.

However, as Ms Tinetti explained, the financial reward is only a small part of what makes the Club Melbourne Fellowship so valuable.

“The financial contribution is far outweighed by the access and opportunity to connect with Melbourne’s most influential and brightest minds – the ones truly changing the world – as we welcome her into the Program for the next year,” Ms Tinetti added.

While Associate Professor Cadilhac stood out among the five finalists, the decision was not an easy one for the judging panel, comprised of current Club Melbourne Ambassadors.

The calibre of the four other finalists, all leading Melbourne mid-career researchers, highlighted why Melbourne is internationally regarded for its research and development.

The four other finalists for the 2017 Club Melbourne Fellowship were:

•    Dr Janet Bray - Monash University
•    Dr Fernando Guimaraes - Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research
•    Dr Megan Lim - Burnet Institute
•    Dr Colin Scholes - The University of Melbourne

“These finalists are some of Melbourne’s most elite thinkers. I did not envy the judges, having to choose just one winner from such an accomplished group of finalists! The outstanding talent and dedication of these leaders is sure to lead to even more achievements in the future – and Club Melbourne looks forward to seeing them thrive in their respective fields,” Ms Tinetti said.