Dr Peter Woodgate leads foundation to map global data

June 2015

In March at the Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO) Global EDGE Conference at MCEC, the Open Digital Earth Foundation was launched, featuring the astonishing Foundation Globe - a type of next generation google earth.

The Foundation Globe is a complex data map of resources with the ability to create and share information on the wellbeing of human kind.

A particular value of the Foundation Globe is its capacity to visualise combined spatial environmental, social and economic information, and in doing so deliver valuable insights for complex decisions, especially with non-expert communities.

Showcase topics featured in the Foundation Globe include infrastructure, food security and health. The datasets within health explore global life expectancy rates and health expenditure, with a local focus on the spatial patterns of the Ebola virus, for example.

The Open Digital Earth Foundation Board that manages the evolution and utilisation of the Foundation Globe is made up of five globally recognised experts, including Club Melbourne Ambassador, Dr Peter Woodgate as Chair.

Dr Woodgate has held the position of CEO for the Cooperative Research Centre for Spatial Information (CRCSI) since 2003 and was previously CEO of RMIT’s Geospatial Science Initiative. During this period he was responsible for a number of developments that included helping establish Spatial Vision Innovations Pty Ltd, the Risk and Community Safety Research Centre and RMIT's Global Sustainability Institute.

"With the coming revolution in new satellite capability, the world and its citizens will increasingly be connected in ways we have to date not even dreamt of," said Dr Woodgate.

"To realise this opportunity, partnerships will be needed spanning scientists, visionaries, managers and funders. An open sharing of data will be required and technological innovation to support the linkage of such spatial data to decisions that can improve human health, risk management, sustainable development and ecosystem resilience."

A key feature of the Foundation Globe is its mobile application, allowing quick and easy access across various apps. It is publically available to download and view on the Foundation’s website.

The Open Digital Earth Foundation takes its inspiration from the International Society for Digital Earth, a global initiative to construct a comprehensive virtual representation of the planet. On a higher level, the Foundation is aiming to help many realise our planet is finite and vulnerable, providing people with the tools to better manage resources and to improve outcomes for all humanity.