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The commonalities between Melbourne and Osaka

March 2015

At a glance you might be hesitant to draw similarities between Osaka, Japan and Melbourne, Australia. Population differences aside these sister cities serve as significant biomedical hubs.

Club Melbourne Ambassador and CEO of Biomedical Research Victoria, Associate Professor Jan Tennent has been a key participant in a recent extension of the relationship between the two cities and a return visitor to Osaka over the past year. 

The Lord Mayor of Melbourne, Mr Robert Doyle and a group of industry representatives visited Osaka early in 2014 to celebrate the 36th anniversary of the sister city relationship and open up new opportunities for continued engagement. This meeting stimulated two further trade delegations, one in August 2014 that included Associate Professor Tennent as a guest of the City of Osaka and its Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and another in February this year.

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The future is greener on the other side

June 2015

Surprise would be an understatement, describing Professor Milton Hearn’s reaction upon learning that he was the recipient of the prestigious 2015 Alan S. Michaels Award from the American Chemical Society.

“I am thrilled that the research my team and I have carried out has been recognised for its global and environmental impact,” Club Melbourne Ambassador Professor Hearn AM said.

The Award, conferred in March in Denver Colorado, acknowledges the outstanding research and practice contributions towards the advancement of science and technology for the recovery of biological products.

Fundamental research in this field has revealed new avenues to produce safe and effective drugs and well as many other applications in the life and chemical sciences.

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Ambassadors leading change for women in science

March 2015

Science is needed by the world if we're going to be successful as a human race. Science needs women if we're going to embrace the full human potential," said Club Melbourne Ambassador Dr Cathy Foley. 

Sunday 8 March marked International Women’s Day. As the Deputy Director and Science Director at CSIRO Manufacturing Flagship, Dr Foley advocates for accountability in organisations to ensure women are recognised for their potential to lead, that opportunities are presented and management practices are in place to address diversity and equity every month of the year, not just in March.

A number of high profile Club Melbourne Ambassadors have recently been advocating for change on this issue. Professor Kathryn North AM, Director at Murdoch Childrens Research Institute (MCRI), has been a voice for women in leadership. It was therefore unsurprising that she was one of the five Parkville-based institute directors who backed the Women in Science Parkville Precinct (WISPP) initiative launched late last year.  The directors of The Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, The Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health and MCRI stepped up in a collaborative effort to boost numbers of women in leadership and improve gender equity across the precinct.

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AI conference will be a glimpse of what's to come

The Melbourne public are encouraged to attend IJCAI 2017 public festival in August to experience the impact that artificial intelligence will have on our lives.

The International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI) is the premier international conference on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and will be held at Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, 19-25 August 2017.

Club Melbourne Ambassador, Professor Michael Georgeff, CEO of Precedence Health Care and former founding member of the Australian Artificial Intelligence Institute, helped attract the conference to Melbourne.

Professor Georgeff believes that we have been selected to host IJCAI 2017 because, “we have a very vibrant AI community in Melbourne. People are also interested in Australia because of the strong Asian investment in AI technologies and the potential for Australia to play a significant role in this region.”

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The 3D printing revolution in healthcare

The potential of 3D printing for medical purposes is staggering and Dr Keith McLean Director, CSIRO Manufacturing and Club Melbourne Ambassador is looking forward to the upcoming conference in Melbourne in November.

Dr McLean only has to point to UK resident Edward Evans, who had has sternum replaced with a custom fitted titanium replacement, courtesy of Anatomics Pty Ltd in Melbourne and CSIRO. Without it, his organs were extremely vulnerable and his quality of life was greatly diminished.

Melbourne will host the 3D Printing for Life Sciences conference at Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, 12 – 14 November.

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